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RE:China metal factory supply for metal stamping products

Dear Purchasing Manager: This is Yousuf Muhamod, from China CNBM company, very pleased to get your contact information, We are a large group company in China. Our metal products department has advanced factory ,we can supply all kinds of metal stamping products and other hardware products and metal shell, chassis. The products are suitable for the fields of automobile, electric power,furniture, science and technology and new energy. The main products are galvanized Plate stamping parts, Electrical equipment shell, chassis, and other electronic products accessories ,copper stamping parts, stainless steel products, aluminum, iron and other metal stamping products.
We are engaged in the industry for 20 yearsaccording to the different requirements of customers produce products.Welcome to provide design drawings or samples for inquiry, have any questions can feel free to contact me. Many regards

Yousuf Muhamod CNBM international corporation/Exporting Department/Saudi …