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Dear Sir/Madam,Are you an aspiring Loanee for property development, business stabilisation, merchandising (Export/Import) or investment? SWIZZ Investment Reserve Depository Inc. is the solution. We are amongst the largest finance group across the globe, with over US$1.7 trillion Private and Corporate investment portfolios. We fund and facilitate businesses capable of generating sustainable positive Annual Return On Investment (AROI).Our interest focuses on wide range of investment proposals with an exception to "Trading Platforms and purchase of unbranded franchises".The applicable terms and condition are available in detail upon request, and the rate depends on the Principal amount and term of the loan applied for.Minimum loan amount = US$200,000 (One Hundred Thousand US Dollars)
Maximum loan amount US$75,000,000 (Seventy-Five Million US Dollars)
Maximum Loan Term 15years (Fifteen Years)
Interest rates are Variable.
If interested, do contact us for further information on; http:…