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Hottest IT Jobs: Developers, Developers, Developers

Network World, August 16 Software developers in general -- and mobile developers in particular -- are among the most sought-after hires within the IT world, according to a new survey from Modis. Developers who have experience with iOS and Android platforms are highly coveted. Companies are also looking for IT pros with knowledge of PHP, HTML5 and Ruby on Rails. Demand varies geographically, but some of the hottest hiring markets include the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Houston. Some of the current hiring demand has to do with timing, since Q3 is traditionally one of the busiest months for IT hiring. Modis doesn't expect hiring to slow down anytime soon, particularly in regions such as Silicon Valley, where tech firms are waging a war for talent. At the height of the recession, the unemployment rate for the information sector was 11.2%, Modis says, citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Four years later, it's at 5.8%, and in many marke…