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Six Highest and Lowest Paid IT Jobs, June 21 C-level titles top the list of highest paid IT jobs, while technical support positions dominate the low end of the pay scale, according to new salary data from technology staffing firm Mondo. CIO is the highest-paid IT role, with a salary range of $195,000 to $230,000, followed by CTO ($145,000 - $208,000); CSO ($145,000 - $208,000); IT security manager ($145,000 - $177,000); software architect ($144,000 - $170,000); and application architect ($136,000 - $185,000). Looking ahead to 2014, Mondo predicts a spike in demand for HTML5 developers, with salaries to range from $97,000 to $135,000. Midway through 2013, the rate of IT hiring and the rate of IT salaries is accelerating compared to the first half of the year. There's strong demand for IT professionals with expertise in areas such as mobile, big data, cloud computing, and user experience, and that demand is, in turn, driving salary increases. Everybody wants big data business analysts. Not database developers …