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The New Résumé: It's 140 Characters

Wall Street Journal, April 9
For IT workers, Twitter is becoming the new job board as well as the new résumé of choice. Fed up with traditional recruiting sites and floods of irrelevant résumés, some recruiters are turning to Twitter to post jobs, hunt for candidates and research applicants. Job seekers, in turn, are trying to summarize their CVs in 140 characters. Twitter, which was founded in 2006, isn't yet revolutionizing recruiting, but some employers are already using it to great advantage, citing quick, direct contact with candidates and access to broad networks. This appeal will grow as Twitter develops functionality allowing recruiters to target the right individuals at the right time with tweets.
For now, the rules of recruiting on Twitter are still unclear. Job seekers are determining the proper mix of professional details and personal updates. There’s also debate about how to write a 140-character résumé in the form of a single tweet summarizing one's experience and unique attributes. The article provides an example of a Boston network-infrastructure firm that decided to exclusively recruit for a social media marketing position using Twitter. The firm promoted the position via tweets and only accepted candidates who tweeted their interest using a specific hashtag. They also requested that applicants have more than 1,000 active Twitter followers. Having narrowed the field down to about 15 finalists, the company became convinced Twitter recruiting is the way to go. The Web is your CV and social networks are your references.
Still, most HR executives and recruiters haven't fully embraced Twitter for filling jobs, finding other social media sites like LinkedIn more effective. In March, an HR study found that of 37 large U.S. companies, none was using Twitter extensively for posting jobs or for identifying candidates. But the survey did show that recruiters expect to use the platform more in the future, especially for getting the word out about openings. In corners of the job market, such as media and technology, candidates and recruiters are more positive about Twitter's value. They use Twitter accounts to broadcast job openings and share information about work culture, publicize openings at member stations, and build community by offering career tips. According to active users, the interaction with candidates and potential candidates is what makes the tool work. After recruiters and job seekers find each other over Twitter, more traditional means of hiring usually take over.

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