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Your Next Job, Next Year, May Be Self-Employment

Computerworld (12/23/13) Patrick Thibodeau

The technology industry is experiencing a shift toward a more independent, contingent IT workforce, which could mean younger and mid-career workers need to prepare to be self-employed. About 18 percent of all IT workers today are self-employed, and this workforce is growing at a rate of about 7 percent per year, which is faster than the overall growth rate for independent workers, according to Emergent Research. "In today's world, change is happening so quickly that everyone is trying to figure out how to be more flexible and agile, cut fixed costs and move to variable costs," says Emergent's Steve King. A recent MBO Partners study estimated that the entire independent workforce in the United States totals 17.7 million, and that about 1 million of those are IT professionals. "The difference now is that use of contract or temporary workers is not being driven by a boom, but rather by a reluctance to hire permanent workers…

ACM CareerNews

Career News

How Many Data Scientists Does the World Really Need?, November 7 

While there is a growing trend toward hiring recent graduates versed in big data, the reality is that most firms will address their big data challenges by training employees they already have. For now, say experts, the rush to mint highly trained, highly educated data scientists may be getting overhyped, especially since the IT industry is still in beginning stages of big data usage and relevance. While companies are certainly looking for workers with statistical and predictive modeling backgrounds, they also need people with both the patience and expertise to parse data and use it to make decisions. For many smaller and mid-sized firms, the hype surrounding big data doesn't resonate, and probably won't translate into hiring, because the challenges those businesses face aren't truly related to big data. A lot of companies don't actually have big data problems -- they have smaller challenges. Many …


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Hottest IT Jobs: Developers, Developers, Developers

Network World, August 16 Software developers in general -- and mobile developers in particular -- are among the most sought-after hires within the IT world, according to a new survey from Modis. Developers who have experience with iOS and Android platforms are highly coveted. Companies are also looking for IT pros with knowledge of PHP, HTML5 and Ruby on Rails. Demand varies geographically, but some of the hottest hiring markets include the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Houston. Some of the current hiring demand has to do with timing, since Q3 is traditionally one of the busiest months for IT hiring. Modis doesn't expect hiring to slow down anytime soon, particularly in regions such as Silicon Valley, where tech firms are waging a war for talent. At the height of the recession, the unemployment rate for the information sector was 11.2%, Modis says, citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Four years later, it's at 5.8%, and in many marke…

JOB IT lebanon

SEO & Google AdWords Specialist - Complete SEO setup on website and blog - Create SEO content for website - Research monthly Google searches and identify target keywords for SEO implementation - Setup and manage Google
Lebanon 2013-08-11 Web Developer • To design and develop websites ensuring strong functionality and optimization. • To design and develop relational database systems and their web interfaces. • Responsible for integrating the SQL Server database with the company
Lebanon 2013-08-07 System Integrator - Install, upgrade, test and deploy patches or new custom solutions at customers’ premises or remotely. - Gather Data, implement, test, train, and deploy software at customers’ premises or remotely.
Lebanon 2013-07-15 Senior IT Business Analysis Specialist -Assess available solutions for technical and business suitability -Analyse project feasibility with business…

Offre d'emploi CDI, Free Lance, Intermittence : administrateur réseau et système LINUX

Chargée des Ressources Humaines chez Mikros Image Mikros image est un studio de Post-production français de renom spécialisé dans les effets visuels numériques dans de multiples domaines : publicité, cinéma, TV, clips, jeux vidéo et communication institutionnelle.
Crée en 1985, fort de son positionnement français et de sa renommée dans de multiples pays, la société poursuit son développement et s'adapte en permanence à l'évolution des techniques et des marchés de la Post-production haut de gamme.
Mikros image emploie environ 170 salariés permanents et collabore, en moyenne, avec plus de 70 free-lances par mois sur plus de 300 projets par an tous domaines confondus.
Depuis 2008, Mikros image a entrepris son expansion à l'International en engageant un partenariat à Los Angeles avec le studio d'effets spéciaux EightVFX mais également en développant plusieurs filiales européennes en Belgique (Mikros image Liège, et Mikros image Brussels) ainsi qu'au Luxembourg…

How LinkedIn Has Changed the Way You Might Get Your Next Job

Washington Post, August 4 As LinkedIn has increased in popularity, there has been a major shift in the way employers find new workers. Gone are the days of a recruiter simply advertising a job opening and then idly hoping that good candidates will appear. Now, the process of talent acquisition is something of a hunt in which any employee at any time is vulnerable to being poached. According to a 2013 study, 77% of employers are using social networks to recruit, a sharp increase from the 56% who reported doing so in 2011. And among the recruiters using social tools, 94% said they are using LinkedIn. LinkedIn has also shaken up the job candidate experience for workers. Satisfied employees in high-demand fields are frequently getting unexpected nibbles to gauge their interest in new opportunities. And active job seekers might now face increased competition, as they're often vying with candidates who don't necessarily need a new job. Recruiters say they are especially likely to us…

Re:IP surveillance cameras

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Six Highest and Lowest Paid IT Jobs, June 21 C-level titles top the list of highest paid IT jobs, while technical support positions dominate the low end of the pay scale, according to new salary data from technology staffing firm Mondo. CIO is the highest-paid IT role, with a salary range of $195,000 to $230,000, followed by CTO ($145,000 - $208,000); CSO ($145,000 - $208,000); IT security manager ($145,000 - $177,000); software architect ($144,000 - $170,000); and application architect ($136,000 - $185,000). Looking ahead to 2014, Mondo predicts a spike in demand for HTML5 developers, with salaries to range from $97,000 to $135,000. Midway through 2013, the rate of IT hiring and the rate of IT salaries is accelerating compared to the first half of the year. There's strong demand for IT professionals with expertise in areas such as mobile, big data, cloud computing, and user experience, and that demand is, in turn, driving salary increases. Everybody wants big data business analysts. Not database developers …

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Big Data, Trying to Build Better Workers

New York Times, April 20 Breakthroughs in workforce science, a new field of study which leverages Big Data, are making it possible to change the workplace so that it is more adaptive to the needs of workers. In some cases, workforce science calls into question long-held beliefs about what makes employees effective. For example, workforce science has found that an applicant’s work history is not always a good predictor of future results. Overall, workforce science adds a large dose of data analysis to the field of HR management, which has traditionally relied heavily on intuition and established practice to guide hiring, promotion and career planning. Workforce science, in short, is what happens when Big Data meets HR management. For too long, most companies have been flying completely blind, without any way to measure the workplace. Today, every e-mail, instant message, phone call, line of written code and mouse-click leaves a digital signal. These patterns can now be inexpensively co…