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The Five Hottest IT Jobs Right Now

Network World, July 26 

Five different IT jobs are experiencing a significant increase in attention from hiring managers and recruiters this summer, according to a recent report from Mobile and cloud are the leading categories right now, with companies putting a premium on being able to hire Android and iOS developers. Other hot areas for new IT jobs include virtualization and data architecture. While all of these areas are experiencing double-digit growth compared to last year, the number of overall tech jobs in the U.S. is only up 3% from last summer.

According to, the number of listings for iPhone developers is up 106% from last summer. On the site, there are 2,254 open jobs for iPhone and iPad developers and engineers at companies ranging from eBay to ESPN. Similarly, the number of Android developers and software engineer listings is up 50% year-over-year. More than 2,100 Android-related jobs are listed on Overall, demand for mobile developers is up 40% …

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