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Web Developer needed

Brief of the position : Web Developer Requirements:
-To create websites and web applications
-To be involved in planning and specification of development projects.
-To provide remote ad telephone support to clients.
-To provide training in relation to development projects.
-Maintain client relationships.
Strong customer service skills.
-Time management and self motivation.
-Ability to work independently.
-A good working knowledge of PHP
-MySQL knowledge.
-Knowledge of CMS (Joomla) To apply:

'Pipeline' to Programming Jobs Has Leaks

From ACM TechNews:
'Pipeline' to Programming Jobs Has Leaks
New York Times
(04/02/12) Katie Hafner The effort to propel women into programming jobs is losing women at a discouraging rate as the pipeline winds its way from high school through graduate studies. Even women with computer science degrees might not obtain programming jobs, and those familiar with the hiring process say recruiting is part of the problem. Some companies hold 24-hour hackathons, which reinforce the geeky, high-testosterone stereotype of the industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 19 percent of software developers are women, but the percentage is in the single digits at many prominent tech firms. The bias in the system affects women's willingness to go into these situations because they know what they are in for, says New York University psychologist Madeline Heilman. Still, there are signs of hope in the corporate world, such as IBM, an industry leader, winning the 2011 Top Comp…

Google: Top Ten Free Tools (SEO techniques to improve your ranking)

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