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IT Salaries Rising for Experienced Employees: Dice Report

eWeek (01/24/12) Nathan Eddy

Technology professionals enjoyed their largest annual salary growth since 2008, according to Dice's 2012-2011 Salary Survey.  Technology professionals on average received salary increases of more than 1 percent, raising their average annual earnings from $79,384 in 2010 to $81,327 in 2011.  In addition, the average bonuses were up 8 percent to $8,769, and the number of technology professionals receiving bonuses was up 32 percent in 2011.  The industries most likely to pay out bonuses were telecommunications, hardware, banking, utilities and energy, and software.  Silicon Valley's annual salary of $104,195 was the highest in the United States, and was 5 percent year over year.  However, the Dice survey also found that 12 of the top 20 cities for technology jobs had above average wage growth.  "Compensation has mustered some momentum, as more and more top tech markets are notching increases in pay," says Dice's Tom Silver.  "Silicon Valley's compensation moved first and wrote the playbook for highly qualified tech professionals to ask for more--whether that be in Seattle, Houston, or Raleigh."  For example, Dice found that average salaries were up 5 percent in Chicago and Seattle, and they were up 4 percent in Denver and Dallas/Ft. Worth.


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