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Proposition de stage au Bureau Moyen-Orient de l'Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)

Le 1er mars 2012

Descriptif du stage

Ce stage comporte deux volets:

Le Bureau Moyen Orient a lancé un appel d'offres pour financements de doctorants, ouvert jusqu'au 23 Mars.

Cette partie du stage consiste donc à :
– examiner les candidatures et étudier leur recevabilité administrative au regard du règlement,
– transmettre les dossiers aux experts,
– répondre aux demandes de renseignements sur l'appel d'offres,
– établir un tableau synthétique des candidatures.

Le Bureau Moyen-Orient de l'AUF souhaite développer une base de données de chercheurs en vue de recenser les
chercheurs et les laboratoires de la région Moyen Orient, ainsi que leur spécialité en recherche.

En se basant sur ses compétences en bases de données et en langages informatiques, le stagiaire devra :
– intégrer les données (objectifs de la cartographie de chercheurs et de laboratoires, contraintes techniques,
spécificités, niveaux de flexibilités...),
– constituer un cahier des charges.

Profil recherché et compéte…

Linux Job Openings on the Rise

eWeek, February 14 Linux know-how is topping the list of most highly sought expertise in software programming positions. A report from IT jobs specialist Dice indicates demand for Linux skills is on the rise but that finding talent is difficult. The report noted that this is leading to better salaries and bonuses for Linux professionals, as companies look to open-source IT specialists to solve their business challenges and provide growth opportunities. More than 80% of survey respondents say that hiring Linux talent is a priority in 2012. This urgency is driving a substantial increase in recruiting activity, with 47% of hiring managers expecting to add more Linux professionals to their firms in early 2012 and 63% noting Linux hires are increasing relative to jobs created in other skill areas. Despite the growth in interest around Linux positions, a full 85% of hiring managers report having difficulty finding qualified Linux professionals to fill these positions. In an economy where co…

LinkedIn Leads In Social Job Recruiting Followed By Twitter And Facebook

Tech Crunch, February 13 
According to a new report on social recruiting activity, LinkedIn leads in terms of frequency of usage by recruiters and effectiveness for sourcing candidates, followed by Twitter, with Facebook coming in third. Despite the rise of Facebook as a source for job seeking and professional networking, data shows that recruiters' LinkedIn networks still drive more views than their Twitter and Facebook networks combined. Recruiters who post jobs on social networks are likely to receive more applications from LinkedIn, with the social network driving almost nine times more applications than Facebook and three times more than Twitter. While LinkedIn leads as a recruiting channel, there are signs that other social networking platforms could play an important role and are currently underutilized. For example, a Twitter follower is almost three times more likely to apply to a job than a LinkedIn connection, and more than eight times more likely to apply than a Facebo…

Forte demande de spécialistes Linux

"Une forme d’urgence dans les recrutements, note Dice, qui souligne que 47% des répondants s’attendent à recruter davantage de spécialistes Linux dans les 6 premiers mois de 2012, qu’ils ne l’ont fait ces 6 derniers mois. Autre indicateur clé : 63% vont passer ces recrutements en priorité, avant ceux dédiés aux autres technologies. Pourquoi ? Car, nous explique Dice, il est difficile de trouver des compétences sur le marché. 85% des responsables du recrutement interrogés mettent en avant la difficulté à trouver un profil Linux."

Virtual Internships in Rising Demand

MentorNet (02/06/12) Sapna Protheroe

Virtual internships, in which students work for an employer over the Web, increasingly are being offered at college campuses, with advantages for both students and employers. Career services officers and operators of national intern job search boards report an increase in such internships in the last several years, particularly from small ventures and startups seeking additional assistance to grow their business. With remote opportunities, resource-limited students can apply for internships in places where the cost of living would be unaffordable, notes the University of Michigan's GeniHarclerode. "I think there is an appeal with some of these virtual internships because they can still contribute to an organization while living at home for the summer and saving money," Harclerode says.’s Lauren Berger notes that university career services centers are beginning to become more amenable to virtual internships, as long as t…

Accenture recrute des développeurs et des ingénieurs d'études SAP, Siebel, Java J2EE..., stagiaires, jeunes diplômés et expérimentés

Plusieurs nouvelles opportunités de carrière pourraient vous intéresser.
Accenture recrute pour sa filiale, Accenture Technology Solutions, spécialisée dans les métiers de l'informatique des profils SAP, Siebel, Java J2EE - stagiaires, jeunes diplômées (Bac +2 ou +5) et expérimentés.

Postes à pourvoir à Paris :

Expérimentés :

Ingénieur Technico-fonctionnel SAP (H/F)
Analyste Fonctionnel SAP CRM (H/F)
Analyste Fonctionnel SAP IS-U (H/F)
Administrateur SAP BC (H/F)
Ingénieur d’Etude Java/J2EE (H/F)
Ingénieur d’Etude Tests et Qualification (H/F)
Ingénieur d’étude PMO (H/F)
Ingénieur d'Etudes BI/EPM/OBI/Décisionnel (H/F)
Juniors :

Ingénieur d'Etudes Junior (H/F)
Développeur Junior (H/F)
Stagiaires :

Ingénieur d'Etudes Stagiaire (H/F)
Développeur Stagiaire (H/F)
Postes à pourvoir à Nantes :

Ingénieur d’Etudes SAP (H/F)
Développeur Siebel (H/F)
Développeur SAP (H/F)
Développeur Junior (H/F)
Poste à pourvoir à Toulouse :

Analyste fonctionnel / Manager SAP (FI/CO, BI/BO, HCM) (H/F)
Architecte Techniqu…

No More Resumes, Say Some Firms

Wall Street Journal, January 24 Companies are increasingly relying on social networks such as LinkedIn, video profiles, social media content and online surveys to gauge candidates' suitability for a job. While most still request a resume as part of the application package, some are bypassing the time-tested requirement altogether. They claim that this process nets better-quality candidates, especially for positions based heavily in the Internet and social media. A resume, which doesn't provide much depth about a candidate, may not indicate what people are like to work with and how they think. Most importantly, recruiters note that a resume isn't the best way to determine whether a potential employee will be a good social fit for the company. In times of high unemployment, bypassing resumes can help companies winnow out candidates from a broader labor pool. Specific questions are tailored to the position, aiding in the filtering process. Applicants have the option to attach…

Average Silicon Valley Tech Salary Passes $100,000

Wall Street Journal, January 24 Average annual salaries for Silicon Valley technology workers surpassed the $100,000 mark last year for the first time ever, pushed higher by the strength of the region's latest boom. According to IT jobs site, salaries for software and other engineering professionals in Silicon Valley rose 5.2% to an average $104,195 last year, outstripping the average 2% increase, to $81,327, in tech-workers' salaries nationwide. It was the first time since Dice began the salary survey in 2001 that the region's average salary mark broke the $100,000 barrier. The steady march upward in Silicon Valley tech salaries comes amid a Web boom that has fueled companies such as Facebook, Zynga and Twitter. Last year, several of the best-known Internet went public, with a Facebook IPO on deck for 2012. This success has sparked the creation of numerous new startups, which in turn has spurred a hiring war for software engineers and others. In contrast, job gro…

Job Sr. Software Engineer (Eclipse RCP)

Group: Eclipse
Subject: Sr. Software Engineer (Eclipse RCP)

Daniel Parrillo posted a job: Sr. Software Engineer (Eclipse RCP)
"Our client, located in Alameda, CA, is a healthcare business that uses knowledge of human variability to provide new tests and services to personalize disease management. Their Products business develops and manufactures molecular diagnostic products. Their services business is a high complexity CLIA certified laboratory that offers over 25 clinical diagnostic tests. Their heart centers are staffed with medical professionals who use results from testing at BHL to work with patients, under their physician's direction, to develop customized regimens for exercise, nutrition, stress management and therapy compliance. Supporting these businesses, our internal research and partnering activities fuel the development of new diagnostic tests for personalizing disease management in our products and/or services We're looking for a senior software testing eng…

What the Recruiter's Really Asking You During the Interview

Mashable, January 15 
During the interview, there are ten key questions that will determine whether you pass through to the next stage of the hiring process. The recruiter or HR employee will determine if you're the right fit for the job if you can prove that you can do the job, that you have the motivation to do the job, and that you will fit in with the company culture. By asking "the question behind the question," hiring managers have a better chance to making the right hiring decision. As job seekers, your task is to answer them honestly and fully. With that in mind, the article provides the 10 top questions that the interviewer might ask, along with the hidden agenda behind each one. As you reflect back at your last position, what was missing that you are looking for in your next role? This question gets at the heart of why you're leaving the current job or, in the case of a reduction in workforce, it helps the interviewer understand what was missing. What qual…

Google's Marissa Mayer Says More Women Needed in Tech

Computerworld, January 13 
During the Women in Technology panel at CES in Las Vegas, Google VP Marissa Mayer commented on the progress of women in the high-tech industry over the past ten years. As Mayer and other female tech executives pointed out, there's still a lot of room for growth, but the momentum is in the right direction. The problem is that we're just not doing enough to get more women into the IT industry. One solution might be getting more young girls taking computer science at the secondary school level and placing more emphasis on preparing women for specific fields that rely on computer science knowledge, such as product design. Part of the problem, according to Mayer, is that the United States is not producing enough computer scientists. Quite simply, the country needs more people to keep up with all the new technologies and all the new gadgets and devices that are creating new possibilities and the jobs of the future. Among the women executives attending CES,…

Apple Fuels Silicon Valley Hiring Amid Bubble 2.0 Concern

Bloomberg (01/30/12) Heather Perlberg

Silicon Valley companies are in the midst of a hiring boom not since the late 1990s as nearly 50 U.S. technology companies with a market value of more than $100 million increased employment by more than 50 percent in the last two years, according to Bloomberg. In addition, 74 companies in the software and services industry with at least $100 million in market value expanded their workforce by at least 10 percent over the last three years, more than any other industry Bloomberg measured. Meanwhile, some small and midsized businesses boosted payrolls by almost fivefold. Apple, Google, and Amazon were among those companies that increased their workforce by at least 50 percent in the last two years. The growth has led Silicon Valley companies to consider more workers from nontechnical backgrounds and extend their recruiting efforts nationwide. The trend is not showing signs of slowing down, as many companies, including Amazon and Facebook, plan to add …

voip solution for your business

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IT Salaries Rising for Experienced Employees: Dice Report

eWeek (01/24/12) Nathan Eddy

Technology professionals enjoyed their largest annual salary growth since 2008, according to Dice's 2012-2011 Salary Survey.  Technology professionals on average received salary increases of more than 1 percent, raising their average annual earnings from $79,384 in 2010 to $81,327 in 2011.  In addition, the average bonuses were up 8 percent to $8,769, and the number of technology professionals receiving bonuses was up 32 percent in 2011.  The industries most likely to pay out bonuses were telecommunications, hardware, banking, utilities and energy, and software.  Silicon Valley's annual salary of $104,195 was the highest in the United States, and was 5 percent year over year.  However, the Dice survey also found that 12 of the top 20 cities for technology jobs had above average wage growth.  "Compensation has mustered some momentum, as more and more top tech markets are notching increases in pay," says Dice's Tom Silver.  "Silicon…