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Six Hot IT Jobs That Will Pay Well in 2012, December 1 
2012 is shaping up to be a great year for IT careers, led by advances in fields like cloud computing and mobile technology. The consensus is that the IT jobs market is expected to grow as much as 10-15% in 2012, despite global economic challenges. IT staffing experts also anticipate that salaries will finally increase after years of stagnation, as employers realize they need to pay premiums for certain IT skills in a competitive job market. Within the tech sector, the supply of talent is extremely low and the demand for talent is extremely high, leading to job opportunities not just in Silicon Valley, but also in cities coast-to-coast. The article takes a closer look at the six IT jobs that staffing experts say will be in greatest demand and will command the highest salaries in 2012.
IT professionals who can develop applications for mobile devices are easily the hottest commodities in IT these days. IT staffing experts agree that this group will remain in high demand through 2012, as companies race to adapt their websites and apps for smart phones and tablets. On, job postings for Android and iPhone developers are up 129% and 190%, respectively, over last year. Programmers writing PC-based applications should not feel slighted by their mobile counterparts. Companies need their share of Java, .NET, C#, SharePoint, and Web application developers. Because so many of the apps companies are developing—whether for PCs or mobile devices—are customer facing, they need user interface or user experience designers to ensure the apps are fun and intuitive to use.
As security threats from data breaches mount, organizations need IT professionals who can fend off malware makers and cyber thieves. Job ads on for various "cyber security" professionals increased a whopping 141% in 2011 over the prior year. Organizations' shift to cloud computing is spurring the need for infrastructure security professionals, while data streaming into back office systems is driving demand for data warehouse architects, analysts and developers. Cloud computing has yet to eliminate IT infrastructure jobs. Now and through 2012, cloud computing and Windows 7 migrations are creating demand for network engineers and systems administrators. Companies are seeking IT professionals who can set up and manage virtual server and virtual storage environments, who can identify which applications are used the most, and who know how to reallocate hard drive storage among those various applications.

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CME Offshore Lebanon is looking for Software Engineers

---------- Message tansféré ----------
De : Petina Renno Merhi
Date : mardi 17 janvier 2012
Objet : CME Offshore Lebanon is looking for Software Engineer

Please allow me to present our company: We are CME Offshore an outsourcing software Engineering company having more that 25 years of outsourcing experience and specialized in providing leading edge technologies, innovative software solutions and business consulting services.

We have 5 offices around the word: Lebanon, Argentina, China, India and USA and more than 300 Software Engineers including 120 in Lebanon offices located in Badaro Sami El Solh and in Batroun.

We are always in need for Software Engineers (Software Developers and Quality Assurance Engineers) for all our projects having the below profile:

Ø  Bachelor in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or similar

Ø  Experience: All levels

Ø  Design, develop and implement: Desktop, Web or Mobile applications

Ø  Knowledge in Quality A…