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Can I Trust you with this Charity funds of 5.5m USD?

Sincerely Greetings from Almighty GOD,
Very lucky to chosen you for my giving Pledge Cash Donations 5.5m USD. Kindly reply back with your full names, address and phone for further details. My Direct email:
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Question about guest blog post on


I hope that you are doing well. I wanted to reach out because I have a client who is interested in getting some basic exposure on via a guest blog post, or maybe we can collaborate on an article that you are currently working on. This is a reputable, well-known company that I think would appeal to your readers.

We have a small marketing budget but I'm authorized to offer up to $40 for a post or contribution if that is something we can work with.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would love to work with you, looking forward to hearing back from you soon!


Fran Lee
Perennial Relations

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reply kindly

Hello and good day.

My name is Edward, and I am contacting you for partnership by
reason of the significance of your Nationality, which concerns
claim/transfer of Approximately 21 Million US D0llars ia a fixed
deposit account left by a deceased Boss and Friend for onward
sharing between you and I in a ratio to be agreed.

Kindly get back to me as soon as you receive this email for
complete details as time is of the essence giving that we have
less than 2 month period to achieve this.





This is Ms Julian Smith and i am from Invictus Group Co.,LTD in United Kingdom.
We are glad to know about your company from the web and we are interested
in your products. Could you kindly send us your Latest catalog and price list for our
trial order.

Best Regards,
Julian Smith
Purchasing Manager

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Dear Sir or Madam, It is my honor to introduce myself to you. I am Sara from Guangxi Letong Eletronics Co.Ltd, we are a auto spare parts company. We are writing to let you know that our factory has 500 piece samples for car lamp, the previous 500 buyer could get it . You just need to pay the express fee. If you want the sample, just contact us. Best regard SaraTo stop receiving email, Please unsubscribe



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RE: Vtiger User's List

Hi,This follow up is to confirm, if you got a chance to go through my previous email and if you have any questions or comments for me. Await your response.Regards,Selene Garcia From: selene garcia []
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2018 11:54 AM
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Subject: Vtiger User's List Hi,Would you be interested in acquiring Vtiger Users List for your lead generation, email campaign, tele-calling, product promotion activities across the globe?We provide IT and other Decision Makers contacts that use Vtiger. Let me know if you are interested and we can connect to discuss on this.Await your response!Thanks,Selene GarciaMarketing Executive| List acquisition | Technology Lists | Email/Data Appending | Search Engine Optimization |If you don't want to include yourself in our mailing list, please reply back "RE: Leave Out" in a subject line